Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Bit More On The Kerberos Club

We're continuing our slow but sure read-through of The Kerberos Club (Strange FATE Edition) which I will be running in April at JonCon '13. The setting background is the first 179 pages of this 363+ page book. The setting is well-researched and filled with potential plot hooks (alternate history, characters, incidents, etc.) that GMs and players can run with.

The Kerberos Club's clubhouse itself is filled with all sorts of artifacts (either known artifacts or ones to be made up on-the-spot by players or GMs) that can be temporarily "checked-out" and used by a player for a period of time with the expenditure of a Fate Point. This is a pretty stealable mechanic that could be appropriated for many different kinds of FATE games.

This morning over coffee, I had a chuckle when reading on page 45 that the U.S. has a Shadow Constitution, written on tanned human skin, called the Umbra Pactum. This secret constitution is backed up by an entire secret government, which regulates the occult world and seeks to prevent outright occult wars between the various contending occult factions in the United States. Since the original (ORE) edition of The Kerberos Club came out in 2009, it seems to me that this is probably a reference inspired by Warren Ellis' Crooked Little Vein, which came out the year before.

With another 140 pages of setting to go, it may be a while before I start posting my own Kerberos Club/Strange FATE creations here on FATE SF. Look for some in April.

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