Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Alwyn Campaign Setting

On Friday, I shared a brief glimpse of the new episodic sandox campaign framework we'll be trying out with our gaming group. The campaign model is based on the West Marches campaign model. This is an entirely player-facing campaign model. There's no plot or metaplot whatsoever - only such plot as is created by the PCs' actions. Each session, the player will need to communicate in advance what they intend to do and where they intend to go. Then it's the GM's job to create an adventure that lets them go there and get back in a single session. In our case that means in a two hour period.

The setting for our campaign will be based on the Leibowitzian retromedieval Alywn Campaign model which I blogged about back in January. This is the far future of Earth in the Babylon 5 universe, in which Earth has been reduced to a medieval level of technology and culture, due to the Great Burn, a nuclear war which erupted between rival Earth states.

In keeping with the West Marches model, our PCs are based in a safe area, a fortress town with exactly 472 inhabitants. This is a bastion of civilization in the wilderness. The fortress town is located on the bluffs overlooking the headwaters where two rivers meet. The rivers are the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers. The name of the place used to be Fort Snelling.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. Will there be any tribal mutants out in the woods? (Gotta ask...)