Sunday, March 17, 2013

Alywn Campaign Setting - Parameters

This post is about the player-defined parameters for the Alwyn Campaign Setting

Here they are:
  • The fortress, located at the Headwaters of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers, where historic Fort Snelling was built, is the only safe, civilized spot in this wilderness campaign setting. 
  • Whatever's inside the walls is safe. The fort is the PCs' home base; adventures won't happen here.
  • This is a permanent settlement. Exactly 472 people live here. This settlement connects south to civilization, and is civilization's furthest outpost to the North.
  • Technology is at the 14th Century level. There may be a few gonnes available, but no wholesale firearms industry.
  • There are no discernible aliens at the fortress.
  • If there is a Ranger (Anla'Shok) at this location, the Player Characters don't start the campaign knowing who it is.
  • Some form of Catholicism exists here. There are other faiths too, such as Islam. These have evolved in various ways. For example, the version of Catholicism practiced here regards some characters from the B5 TV series to be saints (e.g., Sheridan and Delenn), or angels (the Vorlons).
  • The setting is multiracial. The populace includes descendants of the major population groups that lived in Minnesota in ancient (21st Century) times: there are folks of Native, Somali, Hmong, African American, and European American heritage at the fort.
  • There may be Native (e.g., Ojibwe or Lakota/Dakota) settlements, but these are hundreds of miles to the North and Northwest. The area that is a day's march in any direction from the fort is uninhabited.
  • The region has resumed its pre-climate change characteristics, thanks to a significant human global die-off. In Minnesota, that means extremely cold winters, and hot, humid summers.
  • The fur trade is the major form of commerce with the South.
  • There is sufficient agriculture in the vicinity of the fort to sustain its population.
Players also listed setting features and significant places to explore that they wanted in the game:
  • Monticello nuclear reactor
  • Arden Hills Superfund site  (munitions)
  • Caves in St. Paul
  • Locks/Waterfalls
  • Ford Parkway Ford Plant
  • The Downtowns/Ruins of Minneapolis and St. Paul
  • The Minneapolis-St. Paul Starport
  • Possible aliens in the wilderness
  • Buffalo, fur trade, wolves, wolverines, moose
  • Outlaws/brigands in the wilderness
  • Short faced bears
  • Telepaths
  • Mall of America
  • The University of Minnesota Ruins
  • The State Capitol Building
  • Apple Orchards - the St. Croix Valley
  • Tales of Giant Squirrels (some albino)


  1. Interesting. How significant was the global human die-off? What other ethnic enclaves have survived? Has the New Madrid fault finally done its worst? (That'd significantly alter the Mississippi river and probably submerge most of Louisiana...among other things...)

    This sounds like a really fun game. Especially with giant albino squirrels!

    1. Hi Jim: I can't answer too many questions about the broader setting - the West Marches campaign model means it is up to the players to discover these answers, and they would need to find a way of doing so that does not require traveling more than a day from the Fort.

      But these are very good questions. The whole New Madrid question is very intriguing, especially as we know that things would have changed a good deal as a result of the nuclear exchange.

  2. I agree. Keeping it in region must make it all the more fun. I really can't remember ever doing that, but I'd like to try having seen this.