Friday, April 5, 2013

The Silent Teacher

Illustration by Rachel Kronick

Alwyn Campaign player Rachel Kronick was kind enough to sketch the medallion that was recovered from the Short-Faced Bear in our first game session. The medallion is now worn by Big Al, Fort Snelling's Hardest Working Hustler.

The Silent Teacher is about the size of a human hand. The face of this octagonal medallion has a mouth with a protuding tongue; the mouth shaped as if it were forming words. The medallion is made from a heavy black metal  and is attached to a bulky - and even heavier - metal chain of the same material.

The specific metal from which the medallion and chain are made is unknown, as is whatever may be inside the medallion. The object has decorative roundels, but there are no traces of casting lines on the it. There are no markings on the back of the object or anywhere else on it that suggest or reveal its origins, but it is likely that the device was created before the Great Burn..

The Silent Teacher establishes a telepathic link with its wearer, allowing the wearer to understand any language being spoken by a living being in their presence. The user of the medallion will also be able to converse in these languages with other living beings.

However, the medallion does NOT give its user the ability to read and write another language, and does NOT facilitate understanding of communications delivered by the devices mentioned above.

Similarly, no true learning of languages occurs as a result of using the device. The translation effect ends as soon as the wearer moves three zones away from anyone speaking the language.


Ancient Device
  • It has a mouth that helps you speak
  • Yes, there's a tongue on this medallion
  • Something from before the Great Burn
Mechanics: Once per scene, this telepathic medallion allows wearer to understand and converse in languages that it has not previously learned or mastered.

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