Monday, April 29, 2013


Image by Alvimann

After several years of playing FATE, I finally had a player decide to take a Concession during a combat. It happened in my FAE Kerberos Club game this weekend; the context was a devastating charge by a Triceratops. This doesn't happen every day in my games, but it was fun to see.


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    1. Great question, Wil! I didn't mean to be quite so ... mysterious about it.

      A Triceratops went on a rampage down a busy London street. Leaping into action, Zardan the Jungle Lord transformed into a bull elephant and charged the Triceratops. The Triceratops won. Hands down.

      The Triceratops also smashed to bits-and-pieces a number of carriages that got in its way. Including the PCs' carriage.

      This scene would have been a perfect opportunity for the PC convert their own stress into Collateral Consequences, something unique to Kerberos Club. Collateral Consequences are represent damage that the Club itself takes - damage to its reputation, lawsuits, government trouble, etc.

      Kerberans may bleed off stress by transferring it to the Club as Collateral Consequences. I introduced the concept before play started but I (and everybody else) forgot about it.