Thursday, April 4, 2013

Napoleon Ant Intelligence Briefing I

Spider Napoleon:
A close relative of the Napoleon Ants?

In the last session of the Alwyn Campaign [campaign background and session logs here], the players asked their new Napoleon Ant allies for an intelligence report on the Wabasha Street Caves and for the area around their new colony.

It will take the new Napoleon Ant colony near the Fort a bit of time to burrow through the dirt and rocks and get the lay of the land in their new environs.

However, the colony was quick to share some deep intelligence on the Wabasha Street Caves.

The ants' intelligence report is as follows:
  • Corrupted animals vary from Earth-normal template - they must be deleted
  • Many strange eggs deeper inside - they must be deleted, and WE cannot do it alone
  • A giant egg we cannot smell - this is a puzzle to US
  • WE are processing whether to reformat the tunnels - plans are being devised


  1. I'll say this for the ants: there intelligence is thorough, if a bit cryptic.

  2. @Trey:I wish I could get them to write more for me.

  3. These are some interesting allies. Maybe they would consider doing a few blog posts concerning conditions in Alwyn, that could be fun.