Monday, April 29, 2013

Preorder for Nova Praxis Hardcover

The preorder for the Nova Praxis hardcover is up now on the Void Star Studios website.

If you are looking for a transhuman SF RPG that uses the FATE engine, Nova Praxis has it! If you are wondering what the game is all about, you can check out the Void Star Studios page on the game here. I also did a series of posts and reviews of the game back in the Fall. The link to the reviews and a sample character (built using the earlier draft rules, which of course evolved) can be found here.

But a lot has changed since my reviews. Over the last few months, designer Mike McConnell has been hard at work to ensure that the game will work for YOU, especially if you are a fan of FATE Core. Not only does the final version of Nova Praxis have a custom-built implementation of the FATE engine - created for transhuman SF gaming - but Mike has also built reverse compatibility into Nova Praxis, so that it can easily be used with FATE Core.

So get in on the preorder if you think you'll want the hardcover!

And you don't need to wait for the release of the hardcover to start reading and playing the game. The Nova Praxis Augmented PDF is already available for purchase. It's simply the best PDF in my game collection. Nova Praxis Accelerated is a truly state-of-the art, highly navigable design that is optimized for tablets and for apps like Goodreader - one of the few PDF products that I could actually use to run a game at the table.

Congratulations to Mike McConnell for producing such an excellent game, and for running an exemplary Kickstarter!

We're looking forward to running the game at some events this summer! Stay tuned for details.


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    1. I rarely go to RPGnet these days, but I hear Nova Praxis has blown up big over there. I've been quite impressed by it, and whether someone wants to use the out of the box setting, Eclipse Phase or GURPS Transhuman Space's settings, or one's own homebrew, it has the all the tools needed for transhuman SF.