Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Using FAE To Run Kerberos Club

"Pierrot and Cat" by Aubrey Beardsley

Based on the scenario I recently ran at JonCon '13, what follows is a revised set of guidelines for playing Kerberos Club using FATE Accelerated Edition. The framework described here reduces the extremely crunchy power customization methodology used in Kerberos Club (FATE Edition), with a higher-trust, lighter rules framework more in the spirit of FAE.


Aspects: One for High Concept, one for Trouble, one related to Social Class, and two others.

Approaches: Players select one +1, two +2, two +3, and one +4.

Stunts: Powers are taken in the place of Stunts, but Stunts may also be used if the players and GM prefer to include them.

Base Refresh: 3

Powers combine aspects of Approaches and Stunts, and are similar to Extras in FATE Core.

The following are guidelines for building Powers:
  • Kerberans have one or more Powers; each power is linked to a specific Approach. For example, a Clairvoyance power would probably be linked to the Careful Approach, and Weird Inventor to the Clever Approach. 
  • Each Power must be tied to a specific, relevant Aspect. For example, the Clairvoyance Approach Power might be linked to the Aspect All-Seeing Eye of Ra. This Aspect might represent a powerful artifact or relic that is the source of the Approach Power.
  • Powers are designed free-form, just as Stunts normally are.Examples include:
A Power called "Clairvoyance" gives a PC the ability to remotely view objects for a number of zones equal to the effort rolled. In contrast, a power called "Firestarter" does stress damage equal to the effort rolled, minus any defensive effort rolled by an opponent.
  • The first Power is free. 
  • Each additional Power after the first free one costs a point of Refresh.  
  • A Power may be broadened to include a second Approach at the cost of an additional point of Refresh. If you have a Power with two Approaches, you may describe two possible actions, roll for each Approach, and take the better roll and its corresponding action as the result.
  • Each character must have at least 1 Refresh available at the end of character generation
  • To use a Power, a player rolls 3DF + 1D6 + Approach Rating.
  • Using a Power counts as a PC's full action.  
  • Players may spend 1 Fate Point substitute an additional 1D6 in place of another 1DF in their roll for ONE ACTION. This would make the roll to use the Power: 2DF +2D6 + Approach Rating.
  • Players may spend 1 Fate Point to add an Additional Approach to the power's portfolio for ONE SCENE.

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