Thursday, May 30, 2013

Babylon 5 Starship Table

We created this table for the Alwyn Campaign. The PCs visited the remains of the John M. Ford Minneapolis-St. Paul Interstellar Starport, and I needed a table to make random determinations about the long-abandoned starship relics littering the starport.

This is the Babylon 5 Starport Table, which doubles as a Babylon 5 Crashed Ship Table:

Roll 1D6-1D6.

  • +5 Ranger vessel
  • +4 Minbari Federation
  • +3 Narn Regime
  • +2 Mars republic
  • +1 Earthforce 
  •   0 Earth (commercial/private)
  • -1 Former Earth Colony
  • -2 Centauri Republic
  • -3 Drazi
  • -4 Other Interstellar Alliance, League of Nonaligned Worlds (e.g., Brakiri, Gaim, Vree, Pak'ma'ra, Llort)
  • -5 Special (e.g., Drakh/other Shadow ally, Technomage, Soul Hunter, First One)
In the case of a -4/-5 result, the GM may determine the specific race or affiliation of the ship, or a player may pay 1 FP and make a declaration.

Crash/Burial Specifics: After the Great Burn, many of the ships at the starport became buried within drumlin-like mounds. Some were completely buried, others were partially buried with the exception of a few fins or antenna-like projections, while a few were almost completely exposed.

The degree of post-crash/burial exposure of a ship is determined by rolling 1DF:
  • Rolling a -1 indicates the ship is completely buried;
  • Rolling a blank face indicates the starship is partially buried (i.e., there are some exposed structures and/or tunnels that have been dug to key structures such as an airlock or other access point);
  • Rolling a +1 indicates that the ship is almost completely exposed. 
Players may pay 1 FP to make a declaration, such that a ship has an open hatch.