Thursday, October 31, 2013

Things Found In The Zone - List A

Art by +j garrison of Hereticwerks

Stalkers go into the Zone looking for things to bring back out with them. They may have shopping lists from scientists at the Institute or from various brokers and  black marketeers. It's not unusual for Stalkers to bring back items that blur the lines between living things, chemicals, and/or other kinds of environmental hazards. Others things they bring back are more obviously manufactured items, even if their purpose and use is often inexplicable. Anything that Stalkers bring back has the potential to fuel new scientific investigation, black marketeering, and even violent attempts by others to acquire the item.

Areas of town near the Zone frequently have hidden caches of items that Stalkers have brought back. Weirdness potentially lurks inside every loading dock, warehouse, or apparently abandoned building in town. And sometimes it leaks out and spreads.

Almost all the items on the List A Table below are named items mentioned by the Strugatsky Brothers in Roadside Picnic. In a couple of cases (#8, 20, and 21) I had to come up with a name for something the authors had described without naming. As in life, not all experiences have names.

We'll be writing item descriptions in individuals posts (we already have a couple), and may be adding a bit more to the list as we finish the novel in the next few days.
  1. Hell Slime
  2. Burning Fuzz
  3. Silver Cobwebs
  4. Wispy Hairs
  5. Graviconcentrates aka Bug Traps
  6. Magnetic Traps 
  7. Living Corpses
  8. Autonomous Viabilities (parts severed from Living Corpses that have a life of their own)
  9. Happy Ghosts
  10. Spacells
  11. Black Sparks
  12. Empties
  13. Full Empties
  14. Bracelets
  15. White Whirligigs
  16. Lobster Eyes
  17. Dick the Tramp (a wind-up mechanical doll)
  18. Bitches' Rattles
  19. Rattling Napkins
  20. Short-shocks
  21. Coal Pit
  22. Green Slime
  23. The Death Lamp
  24. Grinder (sometimes localized as a tunnel called The Meat Grinder)
  25. The Golden Sphere (sometimes localized as The Room)

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