Monday, October 7, 2013

Sovereign Dreams

Anti-aircraft guns guarding the sky of Leningrad

Saturday night, we had our first dream about the Empire. The Imperial Sovereign was alone in a city under siege, on an anonymous war torn world far from Altair III.  Evasion and misdirection were the only means to survive until evacuation - for almost certainly, a rescue ship will eventually arrive. (If not, we have the seeds for a very gritty "politics-and-small arms" campaign.) These congeries of Aspects, with arbitrary line breaks, relate the experience and share a bit more of the history of the Empire. 

Sovereign Dreams In A City Under Siege

Not everything had fallen yet:
The great hotels 
In the City Center of that 
Forlorn T -2 world

Still stood

Lights still on
Up here
Unlike the soldiered 
Streets below
And the battered slums
That surround the City
Besieged by tyrants, factions, armed rats
From the west

They had marched here for Us
Wanted to strike a bargain
And win the Empire's favor
Through force

What could we do?
Just visitors here
So far from Home

No comet-scarred Third
No Krellic Fourth
No Eagle King or
Plastic educator here
To devise a winning 

Our strategy, then:

Stay hidden
Take no messages
Treat with no one
No deals
No fighting

Seclusion only
Like the Sovereigns 
Of Old 
(When was this, anyway?)

In this grand hotel
Still standing

A floor to Ourselves
Just room service
A few lean Red Men
Violet eyes hidden 
Behind dark shades
War harness 
Under olive 

Thus we stay, and
Through our seclusion
To the Middle Sovereigns
Be True

(The Middle Utmost
safely ruling from sealed palaces
spun deep into future times, 
their towers only now appearing
in this late age) 

In seclusion
We await evacuation 
From above


  1. That's some set-up. There's a whole campaign, maybe even a whole game just in and around that hotel.

  2. Yes, and with Fate the hotel itself can become a character!