Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Green Martians

Fearless and loyal allies. Implacable and merciless enemies. The Green Martians live in the wastes and deserted cities of Mars, and prey on the decadent and ever-feuding Red Martians.

Art by Gregory Manchess

They're better ecologists than the Red Martian scientists; the Green Martians live and survive in the Deep Wastes.

They're better archaeologists that the Red Martian scholars; the Green Martians have learned many secrets of long-abandoned and forgotten Red Martian city-states - and some have even explored the Old Martian's cthonic, labyrinthine  habitations.

They're better soldiers and statesmen than the Red Martians' Jeddaks; the Green Martians' greatest chieftains and khans can UNITE their disparate nations and overwhelm any Red Martian polity.

The reverse cannot be said to be true.

The Green Martians are the true masters of Mars.


Green Martian Chieftain (neutral)

  • High Concept: Charismatic Green Martian Khan
  • Trouble: I must never show weakness
  • Aspect: Our customs are harsh but fair
  • Aspect: Green Martians TAKE what they want!
  • Aspect: I have seen the Great Face of Barsoom
  • Careful: +1
  • Clever: +3
  • Flashy: +2
  • Forceful: +2
  • Quick: +1
  • Sneaky: 0
  • A Knife, Two Swords, a Rifle and Thee - Take +2 in a Flashy Approach when using two or more weapons.
  • The Best Stronghold is a Ruin - Take +2 to Clever Approach when Defending in the ancient ruins of old Barsoom. 
  • Towering Presence - You are tall, even for a Green Martian. Take +2 to Create an Advantage in social interactions by intimidating an opponent or rival. 

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