Monday, October 14, 2013

Cancion Del Elegido: A Columbus Day Science Fiction Counter-Song, Now With Fate Mechanics

This version of Silvio Rodriguez'  "Cancion del Elegido" is sung by the Uruguayan singer Daniel Viglietti. It's my favorite version of the song. You can read the Spanish lyrics by Silvio Rodriguez here, as well as their translation into English. The English translation doesn't really do it justice, but it will give you a sense of the meaning of this science fiction song.

The Elegidos

Los Elegidos, or The Chosen Ones, are an ancient race of solitary wanderers between the worlds. No one knows what set the Elegidos to wandering, whether they were motivated by loneliness, a desire for sensation, or a yearning for their own final quietus. They are most often found on the peripheries of great star empires, observing their worlds and peoples, and pondering their fates.

But make no mistake: the Elegidos are much, much more than impartial, passive, moon-faced Watchers, that race of alien giants who are a living excuse for inaction in the face of injustice.

Instead, the Elegidos intervene. They join forces with the oppressed on the worlds they encounter, linking their own fate and fortune to those of people who are struggling against merciless sovereigns and foreign oppressors. The Elegidos help those planet-bound souls fight for freedom, peace, and a true measure of justice. Elegidos go naked into battle, equipped only with their futuristic weapons and their knowledge of the secrets of the stars.

The Chosen Ones embrace the dialectical belief that in an age of war, it is only through struggle that peace be won. There are chains to be cast off, and stars without number to win.

So who chooses the Chosen Ones? Does freedom itself choose? Does necessity? Do the people at whose side the Chosen Ones joyfully fight - are they the ones who choose?

Maybe the Elegidos choose themselves.


Star Spanning Soldiers for Justice (friendly)

  • High Concept: Ancient child of the galaxy, searching for warmth
  • Trouble: We aliens do weird things, like go naked into battle
  • Aspect: Your fight is our fight!
  • Aspect: We have mined the stars themselves for their secrets 
  • Aspect: We wield gleaming weapons from the Future!
  • Careful: +1
  • Clever: +2
  • Flashy: +3
  • Forceful: +2
  • Quick: +1
  • Sneaky: 0
  • Advanced Scout Ship: You have a +3 Sneaky, single-person spacecraft capable of FTL travel and atmospheric reentry.
  • Canon del Futuro: Take +2 when using Flashy Approach to Attack with your advanced alien weaponry.
  • Like Every Human: Once per session, you may modify your baseline humanoid appearance to almost perfectly match that of the people for whom you fight. There will still be some small physical feature that can betray this difference. (Hint: The Trouble Aspect Go naked into battle can be compelled to spot this difference.) This effect lasts until you wish to change your appearance again.
  • The Wisdom of Star Kings: You know much about the universe. Once per session, you may Create an Advantage for an underdog group, based on this wisdom. This advantage persists until the current conflict is resolved.   

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