Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Omega House: Clay and Fury

Art by Juan Ochoa

The duo of Clay and Fury are always together; usually, they occupy almost exactly the same space. Clay is the alien Ceramoid mobile suit. Fury is the archaeologist-sapper. They crew for Captain Amargura on the Omega House Vessel Iboy.

The twain met when Fury was in the Empire's special forces. She was one of The Banishers of Gloom, the elite Imperial Order charged with cleansing dead planets and space hulks. The Banishers are feared and revered as fearless hunters of other-planar abominations and the undead. They are masters of the Smoking Mirror Engines, and use the sentient mirror machines to cross to other worlds.

The Banishers fight abominations in labyrinths and other hidden places. They are masters of both traditional hand-to-hand weapons, and gem-like occular energy projection weapons. Even The Banishers' bodies  are mystical weapons. Their skin glows in the presence of otherworldly enemies, because their flesh is inscribed with protective glyphs from all-but-forgotten ancient languages.

Fury discovered Clay in the heart of an alien labyrinth on a proscribed world besieged by spectral forces. A archaeologist-sapper, her combat role was to discharge the other-planar energies accumulating in such structures. Often the easiest way to dissipate such energies was to cause the structures to collapse by means of a few well-placed explosive charges. Fury discovered Clay while she was planting a series of such charges.

Clay, the Ceramoid mobile suit, was trapped within intersecting stasis fields deep below the labyrinth. It might have been stuck there for centuries - or possibly even longer. Fury found the stasis field projectors easily enough. She disarmed them. Then the walls and ceiling of the labyrinth began to collapse. And then the charges detonated.

When Fury awakened, she was within the mobile suit. She was walking up a ramp toward the surface of this deadly world. Being walked, actually. Fury gradually became aware of the Ceramoid's thoughts. A symbiosis developed.

Fury's fellow Banishers were not entirely comfortable with this symbiosis. Clay was always underfoot. Even when Fury wasn't wearing Clay as armor, he followed her like a dog, always exactly two meters behind her.

The Order called Clay a Golem. The Order didn't like Clay; Ceramoids should not regenerate. The Order suggested to Fury that she had become too dependent on the armor. She was taking too many risks. That put other people at risk. They hinted that it was time to move-on.

Shortly thereafter, Clay and Fury took the hint and left the Order, hauling all of Fury's sapper gear with them.
Omega House was watching and waiting. They always keep an eye on the Orders; their cast-offs make good recruits. Omega House made the two a generous offer. Clay and Fury signed on.

Archaeologist-Sapper of the OHV Iboy

  • High Concept: Archaeologist-sapper of Omega House
  • Trouble: When I wear Clay I feel invulnerable
  • Aspect: Veteran of The Banishers of Gloom
  • Aspect: I can find the heart of any maze
  • Aspect: Clay will back me up
  • Careful: +1
  • Clever: +2 
  • Flashy: +3
  • Forceful: +1
  • Quick: 0
  • Sneaky: +2
  • A Sapper Knows - Take +2 to Sneaky Approach to Create an Advantage find the weakest point in a structure.
  • Armor Helps - When wearing Clay in combat, the mobile suit takes the stress and consequences from physical attacks first.  
  • Glyphs of the Banishers - Take +2 to Flashy Approach when Defending against undead and other-planar entities, due to the glowing protective glyphs that cover your flesh.* 
  • It Went BANG! - Take +2 to Flashy Approach when using explosives to Overcome an Obstacle.  

*When wearing Clay, the glow comes mostly from glyphs on Fury's face.

Ceramoid Mobile Suit

  • High Concept: Fury's Loyal Golem
  • Trouble: "CLAY, be careful with that - it's DELICATE!"
  • Aspect: Surprisingly stealthy for such a hulk
  • Aspect: I am no mere Extra!
  • Aspect: The sword on my back weigh more than you do!
  • Careful: +1
  • Clever: +2
  • Flashy: +1
  • Forceful: +3
  • Quick: 0
  • Sneaky: +2
  • Armored Telepath - Once per session, you may establish and maintain an ongoing telepathic connection with one individual. The connection lasts as long as the two of you remain in the same Zone. 
  • Kadmonic Regeneration -  Once per session, you may remove up to three checked stress boxes or one Mild or Moderate Consequence due to physical damage - as long as you have a humanoid occupant within your armored shell.
  • The Armor Makes A Way - Take +2 to Forceful Approach to Overcome an Obstacle by smashing physical barriers.
  • Swordmaster - Take +2 to Forceful Approach when wielding a sword in both hands for an Attack. This may create an opportunity for the GM to Compel a humanoid occupant if the occupant is attempting an action for which swordplay could be distracting. 


  1. This is truly inspired stuff. Very well done! Sappers are great, especially when combined with combat-archaeology. Looking forward to more in the series. It would get interesting if Clay were able to not just regenerate, but spawn a few offspring...

    1. I hadn't really thought about reproduction but now I'm intrigued...love to here your thoughts about that!