Friday, October 25, 2013

Deck Of Fridays

DECK OF FRIDAYS is a new weekly feature at FATE SF in which we make a draw from the Deck of Fate, our deck of  RPG Inspiration Cards, or use some other randomizer to select an Aspect. Then we do something interesting with the Aspect - use it to create a campaign or scenario seed, a situation, location, NPC, thingie, etc.

We'll see where this goes!

This week's draw, pulled from the Deck of Fate, is the following Aspect:

Fell Into Your Lap  

You always were the Golden Child. At least that's what that fortuneteller told you back on Melrak IV. But you never felt that way - quite the opposite in fact. You were always the Black Sheep of the family, the ne'er-do-well bad limb on the tree. Bad luck follows your bad reputation, and recently, you'd even begun to think a bounty hunter was after you!

You and your friends have been shadowed for a few weeks by a mysterious man (or woman, or alien, or robot, or drone). It's gotten to be tiresome, dodging into alleys to get away from them.

And then you turned into the wrong alley, and there they were: standing there with a clutch of papers.

A Last Will and Testament in fact, from your Aunt Drucilla, the far trader. 

"Congratulations!" your unwelcome shadow informed you. "You now own a ship. The Bad Romance. Sure, she's a bit beat up, but her hold is capacious and her drives still work. 

"Your lucky, kid! That shite band of yours can even play offworld now if you want to now!

"Here's the paperwork and the 'keys'. Sign right there. Gotta go."


  1. Brilliant! This will be loads of fun.

    1. Believe it or not, I wrote the post in about 30 minutes on Monday night. I decided to keep it pretty fresh and unedited. I'm not doing a timed episode like you do with Bujilli, but I thought I should try to keep these posts as real and raw as possible - kind of like pulling a card and using it at the game table.