Saturday, October 12, 2013

Aspects Are Universal; Or, Tekumel Quotes Of The Day

Saturday was another fine day of Tekumel gaming with +Chirine ba Kal as GM, and +Rob Leduc back in player mode. A full table (1 GM, 7 players, 1 baby!) - great fun!

The action started with a Pachi Lei falling dead with a crossbow bolt sticking out of his?her? back on his way to deliver a message to the White Stone Clanhouse. The quarrel was from a Shen hand crossbow. It had green and yellow fletching, suggesting a Yan Kor connection.  At the moment I had to leave, we were approaching the estate of a certain Shen black marketeer in Butrus, hoping to get him to take a look at the evidence.

The money quotes from the session:
"The exploding priests of Thumis"* - Our GM, creating historical-situational Aspects for a non-Fate game!
"Can we not throw more money at them? I thought that's how this works?" -Evan the Pei Choi, attempting to Create an Advantage in persuading some human priests of Belkhanu to resurrect our poor enquarrelled Pachi Lei

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  1. This is the kind of 'old-style', 'pre-school' gaming that I did with Phil and Dave, and which I think gets kind of lost with 'pre-gens' and 'one-shots'; there is a back story to events in today's session, and today's frolics are part of both the various 'story arcs' from the game sessions of our group's past and the really strong engagement of our players with their characters as they'd played them in our sessions.

    Some of the details:

    "The exploding Priest of Thumis" -

    Lord Thumis is the Lord of Wisdom, and we have a priest who is firmly committed to the pursuit of Knowledge. Sometimes, however, his experiments go astray and the builders' clans have to be called in to repair the damage to the clanhouse.

    "Can we not throw more money at them?"

    Well, yes, but they needed to call in a consultant for this job; human priests have a more difficult time dealing with dissimilar species, so they wanted to call in a Pachi Lei Shaman for the job - and charge appropriately, of course.

    It was, in my biased opinion, a pretty darn good session. The players have A Deep Mystery to solve, and there was much scratching of heads and consulting of musty tomes during this episode of "CSI - Butrus".

    yours, Chirine