Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Witchfinder-class Android

The Witchfinder-class is part of a long line of androids that have been optimized for human interaction and social problem-solving. They are assigned to missions in which a human crew may need external monitoring and support to deal with extreme psychological stressors or alien psionic threats that could undermine crew functioning and subvert crew unity.

The Witchfinder is only the most recent in a long line of "human tender" androids. Since the earliest interstellar missions using Slower Than Light vessels, such androids have cared for our bodies while we slept in cryostasis, and then tended to the healing of our minds when we awakened traumatized from the long sleep. Their operating systems have changed over the centuries, and their physical forms been greatly upgraded, but it is this line of androids that retain the truest memories of Old Earth and of our first journeys to the stars.

Imperial Survey Collectives rely on the Witchfinder-class more than any other Imperial Agency. The Witchfinders have a variety of somatiforms. Survey Collectives may request the presence of a Witchfinder for either a particular mission or for an ongoing crew slot.They can also be assigned with considerable discretion and success as covert members of Survey Collective teams. In the latter case in particular, the Witchfinder is likely to have hidden Ethical Protocols which will surface when particular threat conditions or opportunities arise.

While their memory matrices contain a wealth of information and experience copied from ancient Terran machines, the Witchfinders are manufactured by the RUR Workers-State using secure factories dedicated exclusively to the service of the Empire. A handful of new Witchfinders is produced every year in the RUR, but the total annual output and the exact number of Witchfinders in the Empire is classified information. RUR designs are of course technically superior to androids of human manufacture. They are equipped with the RUR's General Intellect operating system which is a robust platform for artificial intelligence.

The exact method of psychic hardening that is used in the manufacture of the Witchfinders is highly classified and possibly unique to the RUR. However, damaged Witchfinders exude a disgusting bioorganic milky pulp, and it is believed that some of their psychic defenses are derived from the brain tissues of human or alien telepaths.

The Witchfinders are entelechies in the sense that each instance of the Witchfinder-class is unique.  Witchfinders are not connected to the RUR's extensive wireless Telepsi systems and for security reasons they are always built with hard data ports only. Witchfinders are never resleeved, backed up, or forked. They are always alone with their memories of Old Earth.


Witchfinder-class Android

Scale: 2
Physical Stress: 5
System Stress: 5
Fate Points: 6
Consequences: Up to three consequences

  • Great (+4): Mysteries
  • Good (+3): Investigation, Mind Control
  • Fair (+2):  Alertness, Empathy, Science
  • Average (+1): Academics, Rapport, Resolve, Weapons
  • Memories of Old Earth
  • RUR operating system upgrades
  • Many of us have hidden Protocols
  • Hardened against psychic attacks
  • I'm a good listener
  • You can trust me
  • I've been watching out for you for generations
  • Ebb and Flow - Empathy skill (p.158)
  • Extreme Conditions - Endurance skill (p.256)
  • Mental Shield - Mind Control skill (p.260)
  • Supermind - Science skill (p.259)
  • Energy Weapons

  • Space Survival Suit
  • Shok Gun

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