Monday, October 15, 2012

Monstrous Mondays: Imperial Briefing on Planet Aura

You could do worse than land on the planet Aura. But not much. It is blasted, twisted vaporous world. There are pools of lava. Any life here are surely extremophiles. Aura is rumored to be a candidate for Excommunication. However, the Imperial Sovereign has ordered one more fact-finding expedition to the world before this can happen. So you'll be going there.

Aura's surface
The Empire had previously dispatched a two ship Survey Collective to explore the planet Aura. One ship, the Galliott, was lost on the planet. Its sister ship on that ill-fated survey, the Argos, was immediately destroyed upon its return, at the urging of the Sibylline Oracles.

One of the lost vessels
At least one other derelict vessel is known to be on the planet. It was explored by the crew of the Argos. It had a giant alien skeleton on-board. We have seen these giant alien skeletons before in derelicts on the borders of Imperial space. Their presence is never a good sign. They are harbingers of doom, charioteers of the gods chasing alien catastrophes.

Giant alien skeleton
Witchfinder-class android has been provided for your mission to Aura. As you know, these androids are psychically-hardened. Its presence should provide you an additional measure of safety and success.

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  1. Nice blend of the classic with the new. This would be a great scenario to participate/play in!