Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cosmic Patrol Conversion - Patrol Cruiser

Sample page from Into the Cosmos
Art by Leanne Buckley
Deck plans by Matt Heerdt

The Cosmic Patrol uses Patrol Cutters to investigate situations and deal with small problems. It uses Patrol Cruisers to solve bigger problems - especially those where the application for force may be required.  With science labs, conference rooms, a rec room, and real restrooms, the Cruiser is larger than the Patrol Cutter, but it is still a cramped vessel. As with the Cutter design, any prisoners will have to be chained to a bulkhead, chair, or bunk. It helps that the vessel is atmosphere-capable, because frequent planetside action helps to relieve crew stress associated with long periods working together in very close quarters.

The Patrol Cruiser is less customizable than a Cutter, but the version of the vessel that is described below has been equipped with a torpedo launcher, mine dispensers, and an Electronic Warfare System - all significant improvements over the Cutter.

Cosmic Patrol deck plans are by Matt Heerdt for Catalyst Game Labs. Text is by John Everett Till, based on the Cosmic Patrol and Into The Cosmos publications by Catalyst Game Labs. All content before the OGL Mechanics section is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.


Patrol Cruiser

Scale: Huge (5)
Structural Stress: 6
Systems Stress: 8
Fate Points/Refresh: 4

  • Roomier than a Patrol Cutter...
  • But you'll still want to go planetside frequently
  • Ideal for longer missions
  • Cutters get their attention, but cruisers make 'em run!
  • Actual restrooms!
  • Science labs!
  • 2 Good (+2): Advanced Sensor Suite, Beam Weapon
  • 4 Fair (+2): Electronic Warfare Suite, Energy Shield, Maneuver, Ship Systems
  • 6 Average (+1): Ablative Armor, Hardened Structure, Mine Dispenser, SL Engines, Stardrive (fractum drive), Torpedo Launcher
  • Advanced EWS - Electronic Warfare System skill (p.325)
  • Afterburner - Maneuver skill (p.323)
  • Atmospheric Entry Maneuver skill (p.323)
  • Hardened Ship Systems - Ship Systems skill (p.321)
  • Knowledge Base - Ship Systems skill (p.321)
  • Research Computer - Ship Systems skill (p.321)


  1. John, you've got page number references here for the ship skills. Which book are those from?

    1. The page number references for ship stunts refer to the Starblazer Adventures rules set. The posts always have a label which refers to a game system in cases where stats are offered. Starblazer Adventures is labelled as SBA.

    2. Thanks also for stopping by! I had a lot of fun with my posts on Cosmic Patrol. I am hoping to convince my gaming group to play that game one of these days.