Tuesday, October 23, 2012

About Those Moon Rocks...


The Apollo astronauts brought hundreds of Moon rocks back to Earth in the 1970s. The Nixon Administration gave 135 fragments of Moon to foreign heads of state. (I wonder if Nixon delivered one to Mao Zedong?) Many of these are no missing, a fact of which the film Apollo 18 makes a big deal.

So, if some Moon rocks brought back contained quantum-locked Lunar Rock Aliens, and if such aliens are invariably homicidal, as well as vectors for a highly contagious violent psychosis, why didn't we see outbreaks of violent psychoses across the globe in the 1970s?

I have developed three hypotheses to account for the apparent absence of contagion:
  1. Like the bacteria in the Andromeda Strain, the Lunar Rock Alien's contagion quickly mutates into a non-virulent form.
  2. The Lunar Rock Aliens are entirely quantum-locked in their rock form while on Earth. Perhaps there is a gravitational tipping point somewhere between the Moon's .165 G and Earth's 1 G? If that is the case, these aliens might make excellent assassination weapons. Just give one to your worst enemy before they depart for orbit.
  3. The Lunar Rock aliens may or may not be quantum-locked, but are easier to contain on Earth. Perhaps they are less mobile in a 1 G environment...perhaps the contagion is psychically inhibited on a world with many human minds. Again, there is some potential here for the use of Lunar Rock Aliens as assassination weapons. Just make sure the target takes it with them into their secure bunker or orbital shuttle.

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