Monday, October 15, 2012

Monstrous Mondays: I Am The Face

As any child who has witnessed domestic violence can tell you, sometimes the monsters are real. October is Domestic Violence Prevention Month. Please take a moment to watch the video. We are all the face of domestic violence in some way. And there is a lot we can do to prevent it and/or stop it. Men in particular have an important role to play in leading by example and showing other men, young men, and boys a healthier vision of masculinity. We can help break the cycle.

This video was produced by award-winning documentarian Tony Clomax for The BeMore Campaign, a culturally-specific domestic violence prevention campaign developed by and for African American men, young men, and boys with the message to Date. Don't Abuse. The men who are part of this project are an inspiration for me. They have chosen to gird their loins and take on a very unpopular monster.

For some people domestic violence is invisible - or they like to pretend it is. It never is for the women and children who have to deal with it. The men involved with this project are confronting the monster of domestic violence by showing men a better way to be men: a way to Be More. Please think about you friends, family, and loved ones today. If you think someone is in trouble, don't look the other way. Ask them if they feel safe. Find a way to break the cycle.

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