Friday, October 5, 2012

Introducing Cosmic Patrol

Are you ready to join the Cosmic Patrol? We need frontline leaders from Earth, brainy scientist-scholars from Venus, and the axe-wielding Amazons of Mars to JOIN US, and defend our Grand Union of the Inner Planets. We face many threats - from the perils of the Outer Planets and beyond! There's lots out there to watch out for, from the Automen, to the mysterious psychically powered Moon Men, to Killbots, the three-eyed diminutive clone warriors of the Eiger Empire, the reptilian Uth, and much, much more!

Cosmic Patrol is a neat indie-flavored pulp SF RPG, published in a beautiful digest-sized hardcover. The game uses a rotating GM model so that players take turns leading an adventure as Lead Narrator, or playing Patrolmen. Cosmic Patrol uses a multiple dice type mechanic for differentiating skill levels, and PCs have Aspect-like Cues that help to affect the narrative.The game uses exceptionally clear and very pulp SF inspired line art! The entire package is beautiful, as is the game's new supplement Into the Cosmos, which shares ship designs, more aliens, and adventures.

Cosmic Patrol is published under a Creative Commons license, and the creators have been kind enough to grant me permission to do some FATE conversions of their creations. Coming up soon, you will see FATE stats for a Cosmic Patrol Cutter - the workhorse tramp rocketship, finned (of course!), of the Cosmic Patrol.

On Monday, as part of Tim Brannan's Monstrous Monday blog hop (you can see the first installments here and here - and The Everwayan's and FATE SF's contributions are in the second "here"), I will be posting FATE conversions for an alien from the Cosmic Patrol setting.

FATE SF will "pay it back" by posting some free original Cosmic Patrol content under their Creative Commons license.

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