Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Table of Modified Cosmic Patrol Cutters

On Friday, FATE SF published an intro to the Cosmic Patrol RPG, as well as a conversion to FATE of a Cosmic Patrol Cutter vessel, the workhorse three person tramp vessel that is the hallmark of the Cosmic Patrol. As a tramp vessel, it is highly customized - much more so than the purpose built Patrol Cruisers. And cutters also fall into the hands of pirates, smugglers, and spies! So here is a table with several different modifications on the Patrol Cutter design.

Roll 1d6-1d6.


The Patrol Cutter:
-5    Has a cloaking system
-4    Has a torpedo launcher
-3    Has a plasma weapon
-2    Has a grappling system for space salvage and/or boarding
-1    Has equipment to suppress other vessels' fractum drives
 0    Has no fractum drive
+1   Is drifting without signs of life, and is...
  • Roll a 1d6:
    • If 1-3, broadcasting an automatic distress signal
    • If 4- 6, ominously silent
+2   Has been Beowulfed, and is now a tramp merchant
+3   Has been Grendeled, and is now a pirate vessel
+4   Is now crewed by robots (flying under the flag of Planet Metalloid)
+5   Has alien markings on the hull

The Cosmic Patrol RPG is by Catalyst Game Labs. Text is by John Everett Till, based on the Cosmic Patrol RPG and Into The Cosmos publications by Catalyst Game Labs. This content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

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