Friday, August 31, 2012

Voluptuaries of the Hollow Moon

The ancients called them Succubi, Incubi, Sirens, and Heterae. These are all value-laden terms. The taxa used by the mechanistic materialists of the RUR Workers-State classify the Voluptuaries more neutrally as Lust-Capacitors. The philosophical idealists of Nacal take a similar tack, calling them Cathexians. Throughout the Empire, however, they are best known as the Voluptuaries of the Hollow Moon.

The Volupturaries originated on the world of Lupercalia. That world, buried deep within the Imperial Preserves Megacluster, was destroyed centuries ago, as the expansion of  that genetic singularity known as the Mother Mass tore the planet apart from within. The Mother Mass then scattershifted to the core of Lupercalia's singleton satellite, Trusca, and perhaps a dozen other worlds beyond the Megacluster.

There, it set about a new and different expansion cycle. A cursory examination of Trusca reveals the huge internal stresses that moon now endures. These pressures have distorted the shape of Trusca to the point where this eggshell moon looks like it's about to tear itself apart just as Lupercalia did. The fabric of spacetime itself cavorts around Trusca to the point that only a Paradox-class Imperial Gateship can reach this world safely.

Shuttles from Paradox-class ships sometimes land on this world and take on passengers of many different forms. These are the Voluptuaries of the Hollow Moon, the children of the Mother Mass. By treaty - and there is a Psychic Recording* of this agreement in the Imperial Archives on Amarna - the Voluptuaries are granted safe passage on all Imperial ships. There is even a Voluptuary in the Imperial Palace on Amarna, for by treaty the Imperial Sovereign always has one Imperial Consort from Trusca.

*Reviewing this Psychic Recording may permanently disturb one's Composure.

There will be a follow-up post with additional information on the human-scale life forms known as the Voluptuaries of the Hollow Moon. This is a name that has been rattling around in my head for a while... I just wanted to get it OUT of there.


The Mother Mass

Scale 8 (Planetary)
Physical Stress: 5
Composure Stress: 5

  • 1 Fantastic (+6): Empathic Talent
  • 2 Superb (+5): Energy Shield, Unusual Super Weapon
  • 3 Great (+4): FTL Inhibitor, Telepathy, Telekinesis
  • 4 Good (+3): Scattershift (i.e., Stardrive), Absorb Energy, Endurance, Resolve
  • 5 Fair (+2): Exude Energy, Mimic, Ooze, Alertness, Survival
  • 6 Average (+1): Mental Control, Mental Bolt, Postcognition, Intimidation, Science, Rapport
Aspects: A total of 8 are allowed.
  • Destroy from within
  • My children are multitude
  • You will love my children
  • Protected by treaty
  • Spacetime bends before me
  • I am the Mother of All
Monstrous Special Abilities: 3
  • Planet Buster (Unusual Super Weapon skill)
  • Move Self (Telekinesis skill; roll using Scattershift skill)
  • Regeneration (Endurance skill)
  • Sunlight (Major Weakness) - Takes an immediate Consequence from a successful hit or exposure
  • Gravity (Major Weakness) - Takes an immediate Consequence from a successful hit by a gravity-based weapon
  • Projectile Weapons (Minor Weakness) - Takes double the stress inflicted from a successful hit

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