Monday, August 20, 2012

Green Martians For Starblazer Adventures

We are pleased to present stats for the Green Martians in Starblazer Adventures. A couple of comments/cautionary notes are in order. The order of skills is pretty arbitrary, but it seemed important to place martial skills at the highest levels.

Individual Green Martians will vary. Fists might be the Apex skill of one Green Martian, and Intimidation the Apex skill of another. I chose to put melee weapons into the first two highest slots for skills, as well as Guns, since the Green Martians are experts with the radium rifles. Also, some Green Martians may have Athletics or Resolve as skills, rather than Intimidation or Alertness.

Also, since all Martians have a rudimentary level of telepathy used in routine communication, I am not including that skill in the stats for a Green Martian. Instead, the lack of telepathy will be added to the Earther "template" as a weakness. That template will be published on Friday.

Adam Moore


Green Martian (neutral)

Physical Stress: 7 (5 normal +1 from Endurance +1 from Stunt: Oversized)
Composure Stress: 5
Fate Points: 5
Consequences: Up to three consequences
  • Great (+4): Weapons (Upper Torso)*
  • Good (+3): Weapons (Lower Torso)*, Guns*
  • Fair (+2): Might, Survival (Martian Desert), Fists
  • Average (+1): Telepathy, Alertness,  Intimidation**, Endurance
  • Honor bound to accept any mortal challenge
  • Generous to friends but ruthless to enemies
  • Nearly immortal but destined to die in battle
  • Deadly enemy of the White Apes
  • Hardy survivor of a dying world
  • Anything Goes [Weapons] - SBA p.198
  • Enhanced Hearing [Alertness] - SBA p.255
  • Good Arm [Weapons] - SBA p.198
  • Long Shot [Guns] SBA - p.166
  • Oversized [Intimidation] - SBA p.258
  • Battle harness
  • Swords
  • Knives
  • Spear/lance
  • Radium rifle
  • Thoat (animal mount)

*Green Martians can make two attacks without penalty if they have space to stand upright. These could be two Weapons attacks (each using a different torso section), or one Weapons attack and one Guns attack.

*Intimidation is a total of +3 vs. Red Martians, Earthmen, and beings of similar size

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