Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Barsoom for SBA

With the recent invasion from Jansoom,  it is an appropriate time to resume our little series on Barsoom.

Doctor Who's Map of Barsoom



Type of Planet: Terrestrial Planet, Planetary Class/Scale 8

Primary Terrain: Desert

Atmosphere: Breathable, but thinning atmosphere

Moons and Ring Systems:
  • No ring
  • Two Moons: Cluros (Deimos) and Thuria (Phobos)
Population: Great (Millions)
  • Reference article from "Barsoomian Analysis 1: Demography, Polity, Society, and Economy" by Christian Sildan
  • Barsoom has multiple intelligent races, including Red Martians and Green Martians (both of whom Burroughs describes as "human" several times in A Princess of Mars), the Holy Therns, the White Apes, etc.
  • Diplomacy: +2 (Fair) - Individual states (such as Helium) excel in diplomacy, although there is no central planetary government (just like Jansoom) 
  • Resources (Wealth): +6 (Fantastic) - Many states are fabulously wealthy
  • Resources (Materials): -2 (Terrible) - Extensive technological and state intervention is required to maintain agriculture, water, and a breathable atmosphere
  • Resources (Industrial): +4 (Great) - Many states have significant industrial capacity, and access to raw materials such as metals
  • Military capability: +5 (Superb) - Most states as well as hordes maintain huge standing armies; states also maintain air navies
  • Planetary security: +2 (Fair) - Many spy networks, but constant inter-state conflict creates vulnerability to other threats (such as to Green Martian hordes)
  • Tech level: +4 (Great) - Barsoom's Red Martian states have a higher technology level than Earth's
  • Trade level: 0 (Mediocre) - Travel on Barsoom is dangerous making long-distance trade impractical; Barsoom also lacks the ability to trade off world

Mandatory Aspects:

  • Planetary Government: Multiple warring states and hordes
  • Parent Star classification: Main sequence star (Sol)

  • Other Aspects:

  • A dying world dependent on atmosphere factories
  • A desert planet crisscrossed with canals
  • Decadent city states ruled by Red Martians
  • Abandoned cities on dry desert seas inhabited by Green Men
  • A war of all against all

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