Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Awarding FATE Points: FATE Tutorials

Once again, we want to award some FATE points to people who are building the FATE SF community or doing cool things with SF gaming. This time, it is a +5 FP to Jeremy Kostiew, who has created a great series of FATE tutorials using Google+.

I will be adding the following as links to the FATE SF Links page on my blog. But here is the entire series for you today:

FATE 1: The Basics, But Mostly Dice

FATE 3.1: Aspects and FATE Points Part 1

FATE 3.2: Aspects and FATE Points Part 2


And a BIG shout out to Jeremy Whalen for helping me try out Google+ Hangouts a couple of nights ago. He also gets +1 FP for that and +1 FP for not putting an Aspect on me like "Man, you must be really old to not have tried Hangouts before." I can see the appeal of this for tabletop gaming!

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