Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I am reading A Princess of Mars to prepare for a convention panel this weekend: "A Princess of Mars: 100 Years Later". It's actually a bit short of a hundred years, since Edgar Rice Burroughs' book was published in 1917. But even so, with the recent John Carter movie, it's definitely time to talk!
So, we'll be doing a short series on Barsoom here, since Burroughs' Mars was after all the world's first SF sandbox.

Schiaparelli's Notebook (1888)
To start, we'll stat out The Solar System circa 1866 (the year John Carter first goes to Mars), and then in a subsequent post we'll take a closer look at the planet Barsoom itself.

A Map of Barsoom, 


The Solar System in 1886
  • T -2: Industrialization*
  • E 3: Two garden worlds and one hostile world**
  • R 0: Sustainable
    • Verdant water world hidden beneath the clouds (Venus/Amtor/Cosoom)
    • The Age of Empire - Iron ships and wooden men (Earth/Jasoom)
    • A dying desert planet preserved by ancient machines (Mars/Barsoom) 

*There are pockets on T-1 technology on Barsoom, such as the radium rifles that are in broad use. Note that the radium here denotes the metallic content of projectiles fired by the rifle.'

**We consider Barsoom to be a hostile world since water is scarce and the atmosphere is maintained only by ancient machines. Earth and Venus are garden worlds.

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  1. Very interesting way to start, and I'm pleased with what we have here, so far. Basically looks like a great kick-off for "Space: 1889 (FATE Edition)."