Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SF Events At Con Of The North 2013

If you go to The Everwayan blog, you can see the Tekumel RPG event that I have submitted to run at Con of the North 2013 on Sunday, February 17, 2-6 PM!

There are two other SF events that I have submitted as a two-part marathon session on Friday, February 15, 12 Noon-6 PM. They are steampunk Victorian games using Leagues of Adventure, the newest Ubiquity system game from Triple Ace Games.

Ubiquity is a bit more traditional than FATE, but has many manageable narrativist tools. I like it because it is very clean, simple, and fun to run at cons. It's a great gateway to systems like FATE.

Players can register and play in either Part One, Part Two or both!

Here are the two descriptions:

“Leagues of Adventure Marathon I: From London to New York, or The STEAM and the PUNK”  TRACK: FRI 12-14 (12 noon-2 PM): A wealthy Southern gentleman crosses the Atlantic to recruit some of London’s greatest explorers for the adventure of a lifetime.  You just need to get your hands on an airship to seal the deal. That and evade Confederate and Union assassins and get the airship across the ocean to wartime New York City. No problem, right?  This is Part One of a two part game; play either or both parts!

“Leagues of Adventure Marathon II: Expedition to the Hollow Earth!”  FRI 14-18 (2 PM-6 PM): You are on the adventure of a lifetime: a journey to the Hollow Earth!  The rewards? Fame, fortune, and changing the history of science!  All that and discovering a lost world of monsters and ancient civilizations! But there’s challenges. Everything from air pirates to beastmen to prehistoric creatures – as well as AMERICANS. Can you rescue the neer-do-well survivors of the previous expedition?  


  1. I got the LoA QuickStart last year but didn't really have time to look at it properly. I'm going to give it another go seeing as both yourself and Sarah Newton have had good things to say about it.

    Would love to play in your games, shame I'm the wrong side of the pond!

    - Neil.

  2. Hey Neil! Thanks for stopping by! Wish you were over here for the con too! I too am really excited that Sarah is writing for Leagues of Adventure! I have had a lot of fun with Triple Ace's other Ubiquity game, too, "All for One: Regime Diabolique."

  3. I have AfO but for some reason never got in to it. Not sure if it was the setting or lack of sample adventure in the book. But LoA seems to resonate so much more. Have taken the plunge and got the pdfs, now I just need some down time to read them... and some players to try it out.

    - Neil.

  4. I got the first pdf just to have henchmen. I was a little irritated that they didn't include some in the main book like they did with AfO. They are a blast in AfO! I will probably pick up the first Globetrotters' Guide very soon as well.