Thursday, August 23, 2012

Diaspora Demo: Quick Score on Xudriss II

Dust Planet by ShireiVien
Tonight my gaming group ran a Diaspora demo at our FLGS, Source Comics and Games in Roseville, Minnesota.

I adapted a new one-shot scenario for the Rogue Space RPG, namely "Quick Score on Xudriss II" which is available for free on Jim and Jody Garrison's Hereticwerks blog. The scenario is set on a rogue planet located in the Panj system in Jim Garrison's beautiful Lithus Sector Map.

We had one new gamer stop by to observe a bit. He had heard on Metafilter that there was a local Diaspora group. It was nice meeting someone new who is interested in one of our favorite games!

On Monday, I'll post a bit about what I did with the scenario. It is designed for convention/demo play and is very linear; that worked surprisingly well at the table.


  1. Wow. Very cool. We'd love to hear more about how this went and what people thought of the set-up. We're expanding on the bare-bones adventure a bit so it can get rolled into a (freebie) PDF soon.

    We're looking at developing a Cluster for Diaspora soon, one that might just overlap in interesting ways with the Lithus Sector...

  2. You'll be developing a Cluster for Diaspora? That is excellent news!