Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Paradox Class Imperial Gateship

Art by Ron Miller

The Empire's Paradox-class Imperial Gateship is designed to make jumps that are extremely difficult or impossible to achieve with normal starships. Gateships are capable of traversing regions of space with extreme gravitational distortions and/or radiation disturbances such as those experienced in proximity to black holes, neutron stars, gravitars, magnetars, etc. The Paradox-class vessel does this by creating its own hyperspace sutures between systems. The complex and adjustable arrangement of five jumprings arrayed along the vessel's primary axis is what allows for precision maneuvering through the most difficult regions of space and hyperspace.

The Paradox-class Gateship was the first joint venture between the Advanced Robotic Construction (ARC) Imperial Naval Shipyards facility located deep within the Empire's semi-autonomous RUR Workers-State, and a corps of Treleb advanced jumpspace engineers and researchers on the Trelebiti rogue planet (and possible nest ship) of Planar-Trevaknar.

Depending on the pilot's skill and the specific characteristics of the systems on either side of the jump, the hyperspace sutures created may be instantaneous (seconds) or temporary (hours or days) in duration. Such ships can also facilitate fleet maneuvers such as simultaneous jumps into dangerous regions of space via tethering.

In addition to their normal crew, Paradox-class Imperial Gateships require an advanced Pilot in the form of an expert system AI. This personality can download into an android body manufactured by the ship for a fully humanesque interface with the crew.


T4 Advanced Slipship
V-Shift 5, Beam 3, Torpedoes 3, EW 5, Trade 0

  • Frame 3
  • Data 5
  • Heat 5

  • T4 Slipdrive: can open slipknots almost anywhere
  • Downloadable AI Pilot: Advanced Piloting program can be downloaded into android body for full interface with human crew 
  • Interface Vehicle: has an atmosphere-capable lander

  • No one's an expert on these systems
  • Careful with those rings!
  • This ship's crawling with robots!

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