Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nova Praxis: The Digital Text

One more thing about Nova Praxis as a PDF it is a joy to read and navigate.

I have a LOT of PDFs and a number of ebooks, but the number that I have actually read cover-to-cover is quite small when compared to printed books.

This was not the case for me with Nova Praxis. The document is optimized for the iPad and in particular for its excellent Goodreader App. As you can see from the picture above, the text is laid out landscape. On the left hand margin there are chapter tabs. On the right hand margin there are forward and backward arrow keys. Below the arrow keys, there is an icon of a human figure; that takes you to the character sheets, making it very easy to move between the game rules and a sample character sheet.

On the top margin right in the center of the page, there is an icon of a globe. That takes you to the Void Star Games forum page, which makes it easy to move from the text to conversations about the text and how people are interpreting and using it.

The book is very well bookmarked. Finally, there is also a very reliable BACK key in the lower right hand corner of the page. This is quite helpful for returning to where you were reading from other places in the text that you may have jumped to to check something (such as the character sheets at the back of the book). All of the features made it easy to read and navigate this PDF.

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