Monday, September 10, 2012

The Avatar Of Paradox

Art by Angel Alonso

The Avatar of Paradox is the downloaded form of the AI-pilot of the Imperial Gateship Paradox. She is the first Avatar-sibling of the Paradox-class's AI Pilot line. Paradox is a child of the RUR Worker-State, where the Paradox line of Gateships was constructed. She embodies the RUR General Intellect's source code and civilizational matrix of the RUR.

While most AIs and many biologicals of the RUR Workers-State are mechanistic materialists, the thoughtforms of Paradox and her siblings' are highly organic and fluid. The greater use of intuition helps to make sense of conflicting sensory data from the space-time anomalies that the Paradox-class Imperial Gateship is designed to navigate.

The physical form of Avatar Paradox can be highly disturbing to normal humans. Her physical form is that of  a monstrous metallic humanoid. When the Avatar is animated by Paradox, its body is often surrounded by a nimbus of electrical and more subtle energies. Her crew compartment is highly radiation shielded, and for convenience opens directly onto the exterior of the ship. The Avatar often pilots from here, using direct observation to navigate particularly treacherous regions of spacetime and hyperspace.

Paradox is also rumored to be closely related to Princeps Sangreal, the Avatar who is an Imperial Consort on the Empire's Throneworld of Amarna. Sangreal has produced an Imperial Heir. It is not known whether the Paradox line has similar reproductive abilities.


Ship's Avatar (friendly)

Scale: 2
Physical Stress: 5
System Stress: 5
Fate Points: 6
Consequences: Up to three consequences

  • Great (+4): Starship Pilot
  • Good (+3): Science, Technopsi
  • Fair (+2): Exude Energy, Might, Alertness
  • Average (+1): Academics, Mysteries, Starship Engineering, Starship Systems
  • The Avatar of Paradox
  • Does my appearance unsettle you?
  • My lightning strikes twice!
  • Metal or flesh, we're all the same inside
  • Let me take a look outside...
  • Extreme Habitat - Endurance skill; function on outside of ship in space/hyperspace (p.257)
  • Lightning - Exude Energy skill (p.250)
  • Radiation - Exude Energy skill (p.250)
  • Radiation Blast - Exude Energy skill (p.250)
  • Assault Armor (-3)
  • Paradox-class Imperial Gateship

Stats for a Paradox-class Imperial Gateship in:

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