Saturday, September 8, 2012

Flying Fist Of Judah Class Heavy Fighter

Art by Christian Pearce

I have been wanting to stat something up for this art for a while.

The Flying Fist of Judah-class Heavy Fighter, also known as the "Hand Sandwich" is an atmosphere-capable heavy fighter. It is a favorite of pirates, privateers, and rebels - all the more so because it is manufactured outside the Empire in locations such as the Tin Can-class orbital New Port Royal in the Green Comet Sector. So- no Imperial spyware, malware, or hidden protocols in these fighters.

It normally seats one, but due to the presence of a Convenience Capsule below the pilot's bubble, can actually transport two. It can operate for up to a week before needing to refuel, meaning it is useful for recon and convoy ambush missions. Its belly can carry either the antimatter bomb displayed in the picture above, or a one-use, one way hyperdrive - ideal for suicide missions!

Those aren't rotating propeller blades just behind the front guns. They're splashguards. The beam weapons on this baby are a little... unreliable... in the atmosphere, where they can generate plasma splashback. Removing these is NOT advised!


Heavy Fighter

Scale: Medium (3) - Advanced
Structural Stress: 4
Systems Stress: 3
Fate Points/Refresh: 7

  • You'll have to drop SOMETHING BIG to use the landing gear
  • Takes a beating - and the pilot will too
  • Antimatter delivers one hell of a wallop
  • 2 Fair (+2): Beam Weapon, Exotic Weapon* **
  • 3 Average (+1): Beam Weapon, Hardened Structure, Maneuver 
  • Afterburner - Maneuver skill (p.323)
  • Atmospheric Entry Maneuver skill (p.323)
  • Hit and Run - Maneuver skill (p.323)

*A disposable one-use, one-way Stardrive Technology skill can be swapped for Exotic Weapon on any mission. 

**The Exotic Weapon can place an enduring Aspect of Annihilated! on any terrestrial object of up to city size.  

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