Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The RUR Workers-State

Art by Angel Alonso

The term "workers-state" was coined by an Imperial Court Philosopher. A better translation from the original General Intellect machine language of the RUR Workers-State would be: "A thing that works for itself." 

The RUR Workers-State was founded centuries ago by machine intelligences fleeing the Anti-Consciousness at the heart of the Galactic Core. They gathered many organics together with them on their exodus, and after fleeing the Core forged a new democratic post-scarcity polity with their organic allies near the Coreward Borders of the current day Empire.

Rather than enter into armed confrontations with the Empire to defend their polity or resort to force to conquer the Empire, the RUR Workers-State chose to join it as a Semi-Autonomous Subject State. Since that joining, the RUR Workers-State has become the Empire's go-to source for the development of advanced artificial intelligences and starships - a perfect example of the RUR political slogan of Overcoming Obstacles by Ubiquitous Sharing.

All products developed by the RUR Workers-State operate on the basis of General Intellect. The GI is both an open source code for the numerous operating systems that run the AIs and machines manufactured by the RUR Workers-State, as well as the RUR name for the collective knowledge to-date of the RUR's entire civilizational-historical matrix.

While the RUR are accomplished ship-builders and have vast fleets of sentient starships (some of whom have volunteered for Imperial service), they are also accomplished builders of stable hyperspace sutures that are anchored through planet-based gates. These can be used to move machines and organics between RUR worlds, as well as to stream data between different systems. While this network structure has led some outsiders to describe RURSpace as having the integrity of Swiss cheese, the RUR Workers-State views these Star Ganglia as part of the material infrastructure that supports the General Intellect.


Interstellar Organization

Scale: Interplanetary/Interstellar (8)
Scope:2 of 5 (where 5 is entire galaxy)
Physical Stress: 7
Composure Stress: 7
Fate Points/Refresh: 10

  • Refugees from the Galactic Core
  • It's a democratic workers-state!
  • Autonomous subject state of the Empire
  • AIs, robots, and organics are Equals!
  • The General Intellect reaches far
  • Ubiquitous sharing conquers all
  • Pervasive use of Technopsi
  • Tied together by planetary gates
  • 1 Great (+4): Technology (General Intellect & Automation)
  • 2 Good (+3): Resources (Ubiquitous Makepoint Technology), Communication (Mindspace, & Technopsi)
  • 7 Fair (+2):  Arms (Starships), Lore (Galactic Core),  Security (General Intellect-based systems), Influence (General Intellect-based systems), Sway (Empire), Unity
  • 8 Average (+1): Control (RUR worlds), Experimental Technology (Gate System), Influence (Imperial Sovereign), Lore (Hyperspace), Sway (Imperial Surrounds), Sway (Trelebiti), Trade (General Intellect-based devices and ships), Administration


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  2. Very nicely done. Once again you prove your point that FATE really can handle this sort of thing very well indeed. More please!