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Zina Deretsky's photo of fast spinning Altair

Transmigration (Planar, Cost, Per Scenario, Permanent, Requires three other Planar spells): A favorite spell of Imperial Messengers, special retainers, and emissaries, this casting is also known as the Magpie Bridge. Transmigration hurls the caster's mind across the stars to a willing fleshy receptacle on Altair III, the Imperial Throneworld. Many variants of this spell exist, each specifying a particular stellar destination. In this case, the star of Altair must be visible to the caster's naked eye at the time the spell is cast.

The caster's mind rises into space as if borne on the wings of an eagle. From orbit, the soul transitions into hyperspace. The mind rises through the positive enumerations of hyperspace, finally reaching its crowning enumeration. The soul then travels for an indeterminate period, and often endures a series of tests* until finally reaching its point of arrival, Altair III.

The mind then descends to the Golden Sphere. It inhabits a willing and waiting Receptor, one of the psychically receptive special members of Legio XII Golden Eagle of Amarna, the legion of personal bodyguards who attend the Imperial Sovereign at all times. Receptors are shirtless; at the moment of Arrival, one will drop to their knees. The Golden Eagle tattoo on the legionary's back and shoulders will begin to glow and flutter, as if its wings are flapping. As the glow subsides, the Receptor may begin speaking in tongues, as the mind makes its way through the language centers of the Receptor's brain. Shortly thereafter, the mind takes complete control of the Receptor's body, until the spell is lifted.

See also Protection Of The Body In Transmigration, and The Sa Amulet as an example of a protective device.

*The GM may draw cards from the Deck of Fate to determine the nature of these tests, which may then be roleplayed with the involvement of the other players as various kinds of allies and adversaries.

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