Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Legions Of The Imperial Sovereign

Spindle by Juan Ochoa

The Empire's armed companies are legion. The greatest of them have endured for centuries. The General of each Legion has a Spindle - one of the ancient, self-aware battle standards that precede the Empire itself. Some have more than one.

The equipment and roles of the Legions vary enormously. Some are essentially standing armies; others are elite guerrilla forces; still others function as assassins or secret police. Weapons vary from ancient (swords, spears) to archaic (gunpowder), from contemporary (blasters) to WMDs. Most Legions also have magical/psychic resources. Legions often have a mix of a few of these.


The Chromatic Legions were established at the foundation of the Empire by the greatest of Imperial Sovereigns, Glorious First. The color references in the first twelve Legions' names tie each to one of the various tribes (nations, really) of Comet Barbarians who came together under the banner of Glorious First. Almost all of these Legionaries can trace their clan-lines back for generations; some even have Imperial Gene Markers. Many in the Chromatic Legions are heavily gene-modified; others are cybered almost to the point of the uncanny valley.

  • Legio I Green Banner Army: The personal clan-army of Glorious First; this legion is always posted to the zones of conflict where the Empire is actively expanding.
  • Legio II Legion of the Red Moon: Honor guards of the Imperial Sibyls' lunar temple above the ancient machine world of Altair IV.
  • Legio III Vermillion Eagle Cloud: Orbitally-stationed bounce troops defending the Throne World of Altair III; medium mobile infantry.
  • Legio IV Golden Halo: Palace guards stationed to Imperial Throne World facilities on Altair III.
  • Legio V Black Coeurl: City-killers.
  • Legio VI Pallid Messengers: Marines exclusively used for hyperspace boarding actions. 
  • Legio VII  Errant Cobalt Star: Child comet-soldiers led by a ghost.    
  • Legio VIII Yellow Turbans: Dispersed across the Empire in very small units; have legal authority to depose any Imperial Sovereign they deem unworthy of the Throne.
  • Legio IX Pink Nebula: Escort diplomats into dangerous territories; often tasked with assassinations and covert operations.
  • Legio X Black Metallics: Spider mech troops; often assigned to joint operations with the R.U.R. Workers-State
  • Legio XI Brown Reed: Desert rigged units stationed on Altair III and other arid worlds.
  • Legio XII Golden Eagle of Amarna: Personal escort of the Imperial Sovereign.  


  1. I really like these, particularly "black coeurl."

  2. Nicely done. I like how you are playing off of the Legions of both Rome and Tekumel, yet making it all your own, with a sly nod to Van Vogt while you're at it. This is what Humanspace Empires might have looked like, in an alternate universe. Good stuff!

  3. Trey and Jim, thank you both!