Friday, March 7, 2014

Pilgrim Smashing Bridge

Gogo's Meteor Hammer

Last night, our gaming group created characters and started an adventure using the playtest materials for the Fate Accelerated Edition version of Pilgrims of the Flying Temple. It was a fun session, and I am looking forward to the next one. I thought I'd post my character.

No, I didn't play Gogo. 

But Meteor Hammers are cool. I decided my monk-in-training needed one. My character's Banner (i.e., Trouble) Aspect was the Devil Buddha Meteor Hammer, an ancient and dangerous heirloom weapon of the Flying Temple. I can smash things with this very destructive weapon, one which requires great skill to use. Untrained or inattentive use of this weapon can cause bone-breaking mishaps. So the first part of my pilgrim name is "Smashing."

Figuring out my Avatar Aspect (which represents how I help other people) was a bit more difficult to puzzle out. With some help from another player, though, I figured it out: Hammer, saw, and nails.  I am a carpenter, and I often help the people who reach out to us for assistance by fixing or making things. I build (and repair) bridges both physical and metaphorical using these skills. Thus the second part of my pilgrim name, "Bridge".

He's a burly kid, the biggest in our party. I like the image of him going along with his meteor hammer slung over one shoulder, while on his other side he has a work hammer, saw, and a bag of nails. Hell, he's probably covered in sawdust a lot of the time, with a big blackened thumbnail from his last accident with the work hammer.


Pilgrim Smashing Bridge
Monk-in-training from the Flying Temple

  • Avatar Aspect: Hammer, saw, and nails 
  • Banner Aspect: Devil Buddha Meteor Hammer
  • Careful +1
  • Clever +1
  • Flashy +3*
  • Forceful +2
  • Quick +2
  • Sneaky 0
  • The Right Tools - Because I have a Hammer, saw, and nails, I can take a +2 to my Clever Approach to build something helpful.
  • Hammer Grab - Because the Meteor Hammer can wrap around something, you may take a +2 to Flashy Approach to Create an Advantage such as Grappled, or A Handhold.
Refresh: 3

*This is the skill to use a meteor hammer.

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