Sunday, March 30, 2014

Encyclopedia Galactica

We picked up this gem for $3 yesterday. It came out in 1979. The entire book is written with an in-setting voice, just the way we like it. Even the author credit is in character. The author, Dr. Bruce Kraus, holds degrees in Galactic History and Human Archaeology from the Tauron Center for Science and the Arts. The author photo is in costume.

No extraneous commentary here about producers, writers, and actors , or behind-the-scenes details on alien make up, props, and special effects, as we see with so many Doctor Who products these days. I remember the strong disappointment I felt as a youth after opening the original Star Wars blueprint set. The blueprint made it clear that what we saw on the big screen were in fact stage sets.

Unacceptable. Give me immersion or step-off.

Fortunately, the Encyclopedia Galactica keeps its focus on descriptions and photos of the characters, ships, and aliens of the original series. (There were a couple of alien races, in addition to the Cylons.)

I got rid of 9 boxes of RPGs yesterday (just not enough space for them all). Finding the Encyclopedia Galactica and reacquainting myself with old friends like Lucifer (the first gay robot?), and the real Baltar, provided some consolation.


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    1. I was pretty happy about that too! What was really weird was finding a copy of Agone on the shelves. I mean, the copy of Nephilim there was originally mine, but the Agone was the surprise. There were also a couple of supplements for Top Secret, but alas, not the original game.

  2. Nine boxes?! Is it too soon to speak of the dearly departed?

    1. HPB in Apple Valley is the place to go if you're looking for stuff. Not sure how soon they'll start putting it out though. And there is a Traveller 5th ed. there, although I can't recommend it.