Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Sa Amulet

Sa Amulet

The Sa Amulet is a sign of the shepherd and therefore a powerful protective device. Whether worn by itself or featured as a detail in figurines depicting the dwarf-god Bes, or the monstrous and chimeric protector goddess Taweret, this hieroglyph provides its bearer with a defense against threats to life and rebirth.

The Sa Amulet is often used to protect the bodies of those who have cast the spell Transmigration. While the mind of the caster visits another star, the amulet provides passive protection against all threats to the life of the caster's body.

To use the amulet, the bearer recites a short prayer to the protective deity of their choice. The PC's player spends 1 Fate Point. The amulet then protects the caster's body with a mystical force field, providing a passive +2 to Defend against attacks that do physical stress. If the caster's body is attacked, the PC will be aware of the danger and may Attack or Defend by casting spells remotely using the amulet as a channel of force.

Physical stress that makes it past the Sa Amulet (and any other defensive spells cast to defend the traveler's body) are incurred by the traveler's body. However, attacks directed against the mind actually pass through the Sa Amulet and directly Attack the mind of the traveler.

Once activated, the amulet's protective effect is Permanent until it is dispelled, the traveler is Taken Out (through Physical and/or Mental Consequences), or the traveler offers a Concession which is accepted by the attacker.

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