Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Protection Of The Body In Transmigration

Taweret amulet of protection

It is imperative to protect of the body of a caster who is using a Transmigration spell. While the mind travels to another star, it leaves a defenseless body behind it. More than one caster of Transmigration has suffered the misfortune of having their body riddled with arrows or consumed by hyena, marooning their spirit on another world or - still worse - lost forever wandering the enumerations of hyperspace.

Several different means have been devised to protect the body from physical and psychic harm. Some measures provide only partial and/or short-term protection, such as the physical protection of a body by a sentry device. Others provide long-term protection, extending life and preserving the body through either medical or mystical means.

Techniques of protection include:
  • Spindles granted as signs of office to important commanders or emissaries are self-aware and very capable of keeping a protective watch over their masters for at least several days.
  • A variety of mystical amulets such as the one depicted above can provide physical and spiritual protection to the body of the travelling soul. The best of such amulets were devised by the Anapa in ancient times. Many have been recovered from the long-abandoned sanctuaries of that dreaded race. These objects are often heirlooms passed from one sorcerer to another. Some are genuinely sorcerous in character; others are based on the advanced nanotechnology of the Anapa.
  • An autodoc or portable surgical suite can be used to sustain the body of a traveler indefinitely.
  • A variety of sarcophagi and mausolea have been devised by the Anapa to magically encapsulate and preserve the life force of a Sleeper. The trick with these device-locations is to ensure that the specific wards set on them allow the return of a travelling soul. A secondary risk is that the Anapa will return and harvest the body prematurely, while the mind of the traveler is still away. Such bodysnatching occurs from time to time because the bodies of travelers are excellent raw material for the creation of new golems and autonoma. 

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