Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Brand Jade Anubian

The Anubian Ambassador now has her copy of Jadepunk, which she ordered from the Reroll Store six days ago and received directly from the POD fabrication site today. The Anubian has learned to be wary of big heavy books ever since the "Starblazer Incident"; she thinks this one poses substantially less of an existential threat than her other current project by Piketty.

The Little Lady was surprised to see that the font is sepia-toned; she likes cuttlefish, so this pleased her. The Ambassador also reflected that this game could be used in other ways. She suggested that I could to run a setting like "Far West" using Jadepunk. Indeed, the Assets rules could be readily adopted to emulate many different kinds steampunk era inventions, whether or not they are fueled by jade. She suggested that the game could be used for all sorts of Westerns, as well as for martial arts dramas influenced by the Westerns.

Her most extraordinary idea was to go forward in time a bit and set an alt-Jadepunk game in the mid-20th Century. "I have such vivid memories of the Shanghai People's Commune during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Back then there were so many factions in China; all of them were armed. You never knew what would happen next. The intrigue! The folly! Imagine a campaign set during that turbulent era! Of course, most of the Aristocrats in that era were Party members. Or Scoundrels, pretending to be Aristocrats. Oh, the possibilities!"

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