Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Summon Planar Ally

Summon Planar Ally (Planar, Cost, Scene): This planar spell summons one creature from another world or plane to do the bidding of the caster for one Scene, or until Taken Out. The summoner may use the basic summoning rules in the Fate Freeport Companion to build the creature, but many examples of summonable creatures can be found in the FATE Bestiary. Use creature stats with a FAE or Freeport label, excluding any that are Very Large Monsters. Note when using these creatures that they will start at a base Fair (+2) quality but can be enhanced to Good (+3) using the rules for summoned creatures on pages 31-32 of the Fate Freeport Companion.

Possible new Disadvantages that the summoner may select in addition to those listed in the Fate Freeport Companion include:
  • Absocial: The creature's words, actions, or psychic vibrations are deeply alien and offensive. As soon as the creature manifests, roll its CHA +2 vs. WIS for each non-summoned PC/NPC/creature in the scene (including the summoner). Resulting Stress is recorded on the Mental Stress Track.
  • Inimical: The creature is of a species or type that is hostile to humanity. It will obey the summoner but is unconcerned with the welfare of others. The creature may be Compelled to act hostilely towards other allies and friends of the summoner.
  • Out-of-Phase: The creature is immune to physical Attacks, but can only Attack others using magic/psionics.
  • Salvatore's Syndrome: The planar summoning addled the creature's wits; it now communicates using an almost indecipherable patois of several human and alien languages. The summoner must Succeed with Style on an INT-based Overcome Obstacle roll for the creature to understand and obey a command; summoner gets one of these rolls as a free action each round.    
  • Toxic: The creature is damaged in some way and contaminates the Scene with harmful radiation or chemicals. As soon as the creature manifests, roll its CHA +2 vs. CON for each non-summoned PC/NPC/creature present in the scene (including the summoner). Resulting Stress is recorded on the Physical Stress Track.

*FATE Bestiary creatures are classified as friendly, neutral, or inimical in the OGL MECHANICS section of the individual post for the creature. (There are a few we haven't gotten to yet, so let common sense be your guide here.)

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