Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ringworld Reloaded Tonight

During the day on Sunday we are doing our prep for tonight's Ringworld Reloaded game at Con of the NorthThe game runs from 6-10 PM, so we will be prepping this morning and afternoon, and driving over to the con around 5 PM. For prep, I am focusing on reading the old Chaosium Ringworld RPG first; it's an elegant package.

If I have time this afternoon, I'll dig a little deeper into Sarah Newton's Fate Core masterpiece, the new edition of Mindjammer. I plan to have people build their characters using the Aspects and Skills framework from Mindjammer.

On Friday and Saturday, I ran 12 hours of roleplaying programming at the con. Players seemed to have fun in all the games, and we had a particularly good experience last night with my first run in the world of Trey Causey's Weird Adventures pulp adventures setting, using Fate Freeport Companion mechanics. More on all the events during the week.

Tonight's game is going to be an "on-the-fly" experience. I had to compress a lot of prep work for my five events at the con due to life, so my games have been a mix of high-level prep and on-the-fly GMing.

I told a friend a couple days ago about the creeping desperation I was feeling about how little prep time I had left, and he had some great advice: "Con-prep is one of those things that we all over-stress. Just relax and have stuff on-hand to facilitate improvisation."  In other words, don't just stage the scene for the players, stage it for yourself as GM!  Have things available you can draw upon!

I have found the Deck of Fate to be one of those great tools to facilitate on-the-fly GMing, and RPG Inspiration Cards are another great resource with aspect-like signifiers, weather conditions, directions, and terrain.

We have a cool little SF movie prop lined-up for tonight as well. 

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  1. I'm looking forward to the full report on both those games.