Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The "Where You From?" Aspect And Weird Adventures

"Where you from?" People get asked that all the time in The City. After all, it's the Biggest City In the World, and At the Center of Everything.  Where else would you rather be, than in The City That Never Sleeps?

There are 5 Baronies and 42 neigborhoods in The City. Many Weird Adventures players will want their characters to be from the Ur-Manhattan of Empire Island itself (and who can blame them?). But some may want to be from one of the other Baronies, or even a place beyond the Baronies. Some players will want to leave it up to chance, so here's how to do that!

First, roll 4DF and consult the corresponding result below:
  • -4: The Dustlands ("The Dust Bowl" states)
  • -3: Freedonia ("Texas" and the Southwest)
  • -2: The Steel League ("IL, OH, PN") or The Combine ("MN, WI")
  • -1: Ealderde ("Europe"), or outside The Union
  •  0: The Five Baronies
  • +1: New Ludd ("New England")
  • +2: The South
  • +3: The West (the Mountain States)
  • +4: Hesperia ("California")
If you roll the Five Baronies, pick one, or roll a d10, and consult the corresponding result below:
  • 1-3: Empire Island ("Manhattan")
  • 4-5: Rookend (Motherless "Brooklyn")
  • 6-7: Marqessa ("Queens") 
  • 8-9: Shanks ("Bronx")
  • 10: Lichmond (New Jersey, at least that's what I think - could be wrong)*
Tomorrow we'll break down mechanics for generating your "Where You From?" neighborhood aspect if you live on Empire Island itself.

But for now, let's make a roll on the table and see what happens: We rolled 4DF on the first table, and got a -3. That means we're from Fredonia. So for our "Where You From?" aspect for this character, I am thinking they're not a lawman, but perhaps a roughneck oil rig worker who had a run-in with the Rangers and had to go North. For our "Where You From?" aspect, we could go with: A Roughneck Gone North.  Could be fun. I can see someone like this getting a job in the construction trades, or as a longshoreman, or maybe even with the mob. 

*Because no one wants to be from there. Or admit they were.

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