Monday, February 24, 2014

The Savannah Zone

The face on the door says it all. Even the pretty places got hit during The Visitation. No one should have considered themselves immune.

Not even Savannah, Georgia, the first planned-on-a-grid city in North America. The city's historic riverfront has gone a bit off-the-grid now, with the irruption of a Zone across a quarter mile of this former tourist attraction.

Now it's just another zone of exclusion.

One that extends halfway across the river, causing all sorts of interesting problems and hazards to navigation.

"From the Zones" logo is courtesy of Hereticwerks.


  1. Not exactly Zone related, but when I lived in Savannah, there was near a pub a glass door presumably leading to an upstairs office, stenciled with typical, sans serif black and gold letters that read: "Philip Marlowe, Private Detective"

    1. That is a cool vignette about a very storied town!