Thursday, January 24, 2013

Narn Homeworld

The Narn Homeworld has experienced two different Centauri occupations; it was also a battlefront during an earlier Shadow War in ancient times. Before the first Centauri occupation, Narn was a green and forested world. It was lush. Its atmosphere was thick and moist. The avarice of the Centauri Republic brought an end to all that.

The Centauri stripped the world of many resources, and devastated its environment. Since the Centauri left, the Narns have restored agricultural systems, but the planet remains a marginally livable version of Mars - a world badly in need of terraforming.

Yesterday, I shared a modified Technology-Environment-Resources system for Bablyon 5 worlds, based on the one developed in Diaspora. Today, we share proposed ratings for the Narn Homeworld. These ratings reflect the Narn Regime and its homeworld in the first season of Babylon 5.


System Type: Major Power Homeworld

Technology: T+2 ~ The Major Powers
  • Artificial gravity, build and maintain tachyon communications networks, manufacture jumpdrives, manufacture jumpgates
Environment: E-1 ~ Survivable World

Resources: R-3 ~ Multiple Dependencies

  • Our world was once lush and green
  • Now is the time for vengeance
  • The Regime must expand

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