Sunday, January 6, 2013

B'abSpora: B5 Campaigns

"The name of the place is Bablyon 5"

A recent thread about Bablyon 5 on the discussion forums asked whether people have run campaigns in the B5 setting, and if so, what were the kinds of adventures they had run. The thread rekindled my interest in my favorite SF series, and so I thought an occasional series on the Bablyon 5 universe here on FATE SF might be in order.

We're perversely calling this B'abSpora, since in the long-term, I would run such a campaign using Diaspora. However, I think some of the first offerings in this series will be campaign illustrations using FATE Core's Issues-focused Game Creation rules.

Here is an example:

Current Issue: IPX Scouts Everywhere. Having just begun its recovery from the Earth-Minbari War, EarthForce is wary that other threats may be out there. Rather than show-up on their own frontiers in force, EarthForce commissions small "civilian" scout teams to explore outwards in all directions, discovering new worlds and people. Interplanetary Expeditions (IPX) is the official sponsor for these missions.

Impending Issue: Stalked by furtive aliens with hidden agendas. Other races seem to be doing the same thing. The scouts track unknown ships darting in and out of jumpgates, touching down on dead worlds and scouring ancient ruins - even challenging the IPX scouts' rights to be there. Some IPX scout ships are even being followed.


  1. I had a campaign the existed along side the original 5 year storyline. It was based on explorer class starship like the Cortez. The details are very hazy now. I have the notes on a zip disc but no long have a zip drive.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Dicecipher! I once ran a scenario or two within that timeline as well. I used the Chameleon Eclectic version of the game, which tells you how long ago that was. I collected most of the Mongoose stuff, but the physical quality as well as the editing was always a mixed bag.