Saturday, January 5, 2013

Crocodilian-Humanoid Hybrid Demons

The sorcerer-scholars of the Anapa frequently summon Other-Planar entities to assist with their investigations and experiments. The Anapa also summon demons for the purpose of holding more elevated discourse with entities they deem to be of commensurate intellectual stature to themselves. The manifested state of these other-planar colleagues often resembles a beast-headed human, because the Anapa usually channel the demons into a Crocodilian-humanoid hybrid created within their laboratories.

Crocodilian demons have the ability to summon poisonous snakes and serpents, and to strike with them at their enemies. This power is similar to that of the Pharaohs of Old Earth.

Demons are clever, and more than one of the Anapa have been reminded of that the hard way. They may escape, find ways to subvert the Anapa's other servitors, or even worse, possess an Anapa. Because the Anapa are such solitary creatures, avoiding their own kind, such mishaps often go undetected and can fester on for centuries.

Such demons often find ways to propagate. For this reason, the Empire has on more than one occasion been forced to resort to the Excommunication of contaminated worlds.

The Crocodilian-Humanoid Hybrid described below is an example of the kind of other-planar demon typically summoned by the Anapa; it was built using the Legends of Anglerre RPG, which uses the same implementation of FATE as Starblazer Adventures.


Crocodilian-Humanoid Hybrid Demon (inimical)
Scale 2 (Small)
Physical Stress: 6
Composure Stress: 7
Fate Points: 5

  • Crocodile-headed humanoid demon
  • Strike with serpents like a Pharaoh
  • Alchemy of the Planes Beyond
  • I am the Key to every Gate
  • Servitude is a temporary state
  • 1 Superb (+5): Power of Creatures (Snakes and Serpents)
  • 2 Great (+4): Fists*, Power of Alchemy
  • 3 Good (+3): Artificer, Resolve,  Science
  • 4 Fair (+2): Academics, Alertness, Bite, Intimidation
  • 5 Average (+1): Athletics, Empathy, Endurance, Power of Dimensions, Survival
Monstrous Special Abilities:
  • Call Creature: Snakes and Serpents (Power of Creatures skill, LoA p.123)
  • Change Object (Power of Alchemy skill, LoA p.122)
  • Command Creature: Snakes and Serpents (Power of Creatures skill, LoA p.123)
  • Create Portal (Power of Dimensions skill, LoA p.126)
  • Create Object (Power of Alchemy skill, LoA p.123)
*Used with snake/serpent strikes.

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