Saturday, January 5, 2013

Crocodilian Mummies Of The Anapa

Over millions of years, all manner of Crocodilians have left Earth and made a home on many other worlds. Sometimes this occurred as a result of capture by alien visitors; at other times, the Crocodilians simply migrated due to naturally occurring Earth and Water gates.

On new worlds and in space itself, the Crocodilians continued to evolve, change, or be modified in numerous and surprising ways. They have:
  • Ascended to intelligence;
  • Learned how to make and use tools; 
  • Had their integuments and skeletons modified to incorporate adamantine metals;
  • Transformed into giant or minute sub-species;
  • Cross-bred with intelligent alien reptilian species;
  • Adapted to bipedalism; 
  • Been genengineered for life and predation in zero gravity environments; and
  • Served as hosts by demons and other-planar entitites.
Crocodilians are the ultimate survivors. So it is not surprising that the sorcerer-scientists of the Anapa have often taken an interest in them.  The Anapa have merged Crocodilians with machines (nano- or otherwise), modified their biology for extended lifespans in the thousands of years, imprinted them with souls of the dead, and mummified Crocodilians for unlife as laboratory, temple, and tomb guardians.

One is cautioned to be extremely wary when exploring tombs and ruins on dead worlds. Sometimes beast-mummies and beast-headed statues will rise-up and move when your back is turned.

The Crocodilian described below is a guardian mummy in one of the sanctuaries of the Anapa; it was built using the Legends of Anglerre RPG, which uses the same implementation of FATE as Starblazer Adventures.


Crocodilian Guardian Mummy (inimical)
Scale 2 (Small)
Physical Stress: 7
Composure Stress: 6
Fate Points: 5

  • Guardian mummies of the Anapa
  • The taint of unlife
  • Scaled masters of shadows
  • Its face betrays a malign intelligence
  • Eyes that mesmerize
  • Did it just cry out an alarm?
  • The darkness whorls around it like ancient river mud
  • 1 Superb (+5): Stealth
  • 2 Great (+4): Alertness, Tail
  • 3 Good (+3): Bite, Endurance, Might
  • 4 Fair (+2): Athletics, Intimidation, Power of Domination, Power of Warding
  • 5 Average (+1): Academics, Power of Dimensions, Resolve, Science, Survival
Monstrous Special Abilities: 5
  • In Plain Sight (Stealth stunt, LoA p. 110)
  • Master of Shadows (Stealth stunt, LoA p. 111)
  • Quick Strike (Stealth stunt, LoA p. 111)
  • Shadow Strike (Stealth stunt, LoA p. 111)
  • Vanish (Stealth stunt, LoA p. 111)

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